Saturday, October 31, 2009

Luv Shack Reunion

Okay Girlies!

What a wonderful weekend! I truly love the time that we spend together and wish it could be longer. Each one of you motivates me in different areas of my life. It is so great to have friends with such a "history" together. We really do care about each other and want the best for each other.

As I have pondered and prayed about ways that I can be the mother that Heavenly Father wants me to be I have jotted down things that come to my mind, on the back of Sacrament programs, in journals, Word documents, etc. I am sure each of you have done the same. It was so wonderful to spend a weekend with all of you and hear about/watch some of the ways that you strive to teach your children.

I thought it would be nice to have a central place where we can all "jot down" the things that we do as mothers to share with the group. I know that everyday you are doing things with and for your children. This blog is not meant to be all inclusive by any means. Just a casual and informal place to write down ideas you have.

I feel I can learn a lot from each of you. I also know that it is getting harder to teach children the truth. The world is getting more difficult and opposing to family values. Our schedules are getting busier, etc. The more we can learn from each other about how to juggle the challenges and joys of being a mother the better.

I hope that this will be something that you are interested in. I know that for me, I don't even have the time or energy to keep up a family blog! This in not meant to add one more thing to our lists. Just a quick sentence or idea from time to time. Also, if it is easier to email ideas to our luvshack email group, I would be more than happy to transfer the ideas from there to this blog.

I can't wait to see you all next year and hope that opportunities rise to see some of you throughout this next year!

Okay, should I start us off with something I am currently working on???

Hero Binders:

I was thinking one day about the pressures for girls to look a certain way. It seems sometimes like girls (teenagers mostly) feel like they are not of value if they do not fit the world's standard of beautiful.

The idea came to me to create a "Hero's Binder"--full of women who have accomplished wonderful things with their lives. I am working to complile pictures of each of the women as well as a little blurb on what they have done to make the world a better place. How different would the world be if Mother Theresa was to concerned with her outward appearance to step up and serve the Lord and humanity? Other examples include women from the scriptures and women from our own genealogy.

This idea has been put on hold for a bit though, now that Beckham is here I am trying to make one for boys. I have currently checked out some children's Bible story books from the library and am deciding on characters to use as heroes from the BofM and Bible. (The only problem is these characters are usually depicted as very muscly and handsome. Do you thinks this matters?)
If you guys have any ideas of people I can add to my "Hero Binders" let me know!!

When I am done I will share the books with you if you want. It would be pretty easy to make color copies and duplicate the books.